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No.1 Ac Repair Avadi at there are very few machines that will stand the test of time. Even they can only go so far without human intervention. A device that is put together by man needs his checks and corrections to keep it running, and so is the story with your Air Conditioner as well. The AC breakdowns are common and more or less unavoidable after a point. However, that is not necessarily a sign for you to get a new AC for the house. AC repair in Avadi is now possible and feasible because of Sai Aircon.

We provide a slew of air conditioner repair services in Avadi that is bound to cover all the defects that an air conditioner might develop with time.

AC unit gas charging and leak repairs :

To keep the system running, Gas Charging is to be done when the pressure is low. We take up the duty after giving it a thorough check for leaks, the presence of which will render gas charging futile. Our Ac Repair Avadi takes special efforts to ensure the leaks are properly taken care of before any further step.

Dry servicing :

At times, the air conditioner’s smooth running comes to a standstill because of a lack of human touch to clean them. The AC repair in Avadi that our organisation provides also includes dry servicing that makes it possible to clean the entire unit - both indoor and outdoor by means of a blower.

Replacement of compressors :

Compressors have one of the most important functions in an AC - of circulating the refrigerant. In short, it is very critical to the functioning of an AC. A compressor, however, falls victim to the electricity variations and similar electrical problems. That spurs the need to replace the compressor with haste. Our air conditioner repair service in Avadi provides compressor replacement and also offers a warranty period.

Replacement of aluminium coils :

Another component that might need a replacement is aluminium coils. The need for replacement is primarily caused due to the presence of leaks in the coils that result due to rusting. The air conditioning repair service that we provide offers a replacement to it in the form of copper coils. They are strong and more durable.

Repairing circuits :

One other reason for failure is faulty circuits, because of which the commands given by the remote control is not properly responded to. With professional repair workers, we piece it together so that it is up and running again. Ac Repair in Avadi

Replacement of capacitors :

Capacitors also need replacement. With time, they show signs of weakness. The air conditioner, as a result, will stop functioning in the desired manner. Our AC repair services in Avadi provide the capacitor replacement services if need be.

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First and foremost, getting a repair service is easy. It only requires you to make a call and place the demand. It takes only the length of a call for the process. You are but a few steps away from getting the repair. No hassles searching for a repair service.

Our team of AC repair in Avadi lands at your doorstep to do the repair work. This will rid you of the unenviable task of taking your AC to the repair shop. We take pride in our customer service. We value the customer more than anything else. Our team of workers is specially trained to interact with the customers efficiently. We make it a point to be cordial and respectful of our customers. Also, backed by the training in communications, the workers also convey the necessary information without any shortcoming.

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