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           Sai Aircon have specialized in the selling and servicing of air conditioners almost in every field, We have built a reputation for competitive pricing, quality products and efficient service.

        In Mumbai our independently operated retail outlets provide comprehensive retail sales & installation services.Outside Mumbai & environs Climat Dealers & Trading Partners provide a great local service as they already understand what is important in any local region.

      Through a genuine commitment to quality and service and by remaining focused on the customer's individual requirements has enabled us to sustain growth among all industries and our large client portfolio reflects a broad mix of Individuals, Companies, Institutions from Corporate offices to Multinationals, serving in all areas. Some of Our Valued Customers are………………..

         Our own qualified and experienced technicians install air conditioning to exacting standards of workmanship. Our services include planning and output calculations to offer you the most suitable units according to the room size and the room application.

    We believe in quality products at competitive rates and providing an outstanding and fast customer service is always our top priority.

     Sai Aircon commercial division repairs, & service for everyone from home owners to major corporations in multi-story buildings for all design & construction work in their own right.

   Lead the Change & serves comfort ;Therefore, it develops talent and deploys new technologies to help make a difference, Our consistent innovation..
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